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August 05, 2016

Friday, July 31, 2015

6 Google's Styles

Hai, Gifta balik lagi. Kali ini bukan tutorial... Hahaha! Mungkin kalian bosan dengan tutorial melulu! Jadi Gifta berikan yang fun. Apakah itu? Yap, Google's Style!!! Apa sih itu? Seperti apa sih? Mau tau? Click the purple text below!
Now, I'm use English, okay? I hope you all know the meaning of the words!

1. Google Rainbow
2. Google Sphere
3. Google Space
4. Google Gravity
5. Google Mirror
6. Google Do A Barrel Roll

Okay, just that !!! Do you like it? Is it cool ???
*use "fresh" English, without translator / dictionary