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August 05, 2016

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cute Bloglist #1

Hai, Gifta balik lagi dengan tutorial. Yah, setelah lama gak ngepost, akhirnya Gifta ngepost lagi! Memang akhir-akhir ini seringnya post tutorial sih... Hehehe... Eh, to the point aja yuk! READ MORE!!!
Credit: KawaiiLady

1. For template designer : Log in blogger --> Layout --> Add Gadget --> HTML/Javascript
2. For blogskin : Log in blogger --> Template
3. Copy below code and paste it in HTML/Javascript gadget or between sidebar code for blogskin...

 Style Pertama 

<style>.bloglist {width:200px;border:2px dotted #FFDAE0;padding:10px;text-align:left;background:url(http://i.imgur.com/2EShx.png);}a.name {font:13px century gothic;letter-spacing:1px;text-align:left;color:#333333;text-decoration:none;padding-left:20px;background:url(http://media.tumblr.com/62008af8ba59684acaa500115373b228/tumblr_inline_mnvwkh8qjb1qz4rgp.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:15px;-moz-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;-o-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;-ms-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
}a.name:hover {padding-left:30px;background:url(http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkl6qodkIv1qfamg6.png);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:15px;}</style><center><div class="bloglist"><a class="name" href="www.giftasblog.co.vu">Beauty Beauty</a><br /><a class="name" href="kawaiilady.blogspot.com">Kawaii lady</a><br /></center></div>

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