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August 05, 2016

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Request Header

Sorry Tasya, Neira, and Farah... I can't fully serve your request. I'm on hiatus for one week, because now I am in 5th grade. I had to study harder. Sorry, I'm so sorry. And sorry if my english is wrong. Hehehe... Ngesok Inggris nih, besok ada ulangan Inggris, wkwkwk... Ya udah, langsung aja yuk

Ini buat Kak Tasya, sorry baru 2 ya... yang lain nyusul deh.. :) maaf ada tulisan header by Gifta

Ini punya Kak Neira juga... maaf kalau jelek dan simple
Buat Kak Farah, nyusul juga ya...

Trims all...