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August 05, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi semua, kangen ga?

Halo semuanya! Hari ini ngeliat yang comment di blogku banyak, aku sempatkan untuk ngepost :D Mumpung libur seminggu :D

Jadi, kalau kalian mau tanya tanya langsung aja ke line (ID: stefanigifta) atau facebook (OS Gifta Trusted). Maaf yah udah lama gak ngeblog :v On nya di facebook dan line hehehe

Sekian aja. Thanks for reading

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  1. Padahal aku nggak punya Facebook ama Line

  2. Gifta!! Kangen...
    blog baruku : http://seizzaviablog.blogspot.co.id/
    aku cari fb-mu kayaknya kita udah temenan ya? Aku Seizza Rahdianny.

  3. Balik lagi aja Gif.. Plis plis plissss

  4. kangen lah :v onnya difb mulu~~~

  5. Hi, actually I've known you a long time.
    Yes, you certainly do not know me. Because at that time I did not want to comment, because I have not dared. We can get acquainted?
    Name: Courtney Rubin
    Class: 7 SMP
    Nickname: Courtney
    I come from: GERMANY
    Date of Birth: Twelve June 2003

    If about you?

    1. Hi :) Oh so you're from Germany? Wew! I'm in the 5th grade, 11 years old :) Nice to know you

    2. That means you call me sister, did I really come from Germany. And where are you from? Glad to meet you, may I ask a request? How to create Slime of glue povinal.

    3. I'm from Indonesia :) Slime from povinal? Hmm... What's your blog URL? I'll link you the post in your blog if I'm already accept your request :) Thank you

  6. hai, slam kenal. blogmu bagus banget. kalau boleh tahu, ultahmu kapan? visit blog-ku, ya, www.penapelangiasma.bologspot.com. maaf kalau punyaku isinya dikit. aku masih pemula. hehehe...