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Jumat, 08 Januari 2021

2020... 1?

This was supposed to be a new-year-post (you know, the one supposed to be written at the end of 2020 or the start of 2021). I usually write on my computer, but that day I chose to use the Blogger app. So I wrote things, some quotes, etc, thenn, when I was going to post it, I accidentally clicked "Close", and "No" (so my whole writings wasn't saved...) And I just went straight to bed because it was late at night :) yeah, of course, I felt like I want to throw the freakin' phone to another galaxy

Okay, I promise the rest of the post is filled with positive things.

First of all, I want to say that I'm happy 2020 came out that way, despite the pandemic, virus, online school, and whatnot. Nine months at home wasn't that bad after all. 

I got many life lessons reading all of the frustrating news, watching videos on social media, and just reading, reading, and reading. I also learned to play the ukulele, which was the first instrument I ever learned not forced by the school. 

It was good, 2020, it was not that bad... And I want to thank God for the year we thought the world's gonna end.

We survived! And isn't that the best thing ever? Let's just leave the past behind and try to fill the rest of our lives with happiness and music, and books XD

Oh, and tell you what, you can cry whenever you want. Feeling sad is never a bad thing, but don't let it drown you for too long. Never forget to be happy again!

There are so many new things that we can do in this pandemic, you know? I've been reading some good books lately, and bad ones too. You can visit my Goodreads profile OR just read the rest of this post.

1. The Diary Of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

It was a heart-wrenching one, but let's just talk about why this book is so good. I'm sure we all know Anne Frank and her life story. And this book really showed what a skillful writer Anne was. 

I recommend this book for you who are in the phase of answering life questions, especially the "Who am I?" question.

One thing I can't get out of my mind after reading it is I was almost the same age as Anne when she wrote it, and it was just... imagining those things happened to her... :( Heart-wrenching indeed. I kept wondering, what if her dad didn't survive? What if it wasn't her dad, but mom instead? Now that's the thing about this book!

I don't think it can leave your mind that easily because the story is light and difficult-to-grasp at the same time, and it keeps you wondering about many things... You can read it over and over again and never get tired of it.

And also, I found an irony (see it in a good way, ok? haha). Anne was always the girl in the family whose future constantly doubted. However, she is now the only famous person in the family. It's just... I don't know... Funny, I guess?

2. One by Sarah Crossan
I think I will just
     use my Goodreads' review

The variative diction, realistic details, plot, emotions, smoothness, and of course the poem-like style and dramatic ironies.

One is that book which you can read over and over again
getting different (or discovering new) feelings each time
     (well, depending on your phase in life, I guess?).

I highly recommend it
     if you like slow-paced stories and/or poetry.
Best read in the mornings and/or afternoons.

and... I kept my promise :D Thanks for reading!

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