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About Gifta

Updated: Friday, May 22, 2020

Hi, it's me, the owner and writer! My name's Stefani Gifta Ganda, and you can simply call me Gifta. I was born in the same year with YouTube, although not in the same month. 

My birthday is on 4th of June, note that! I would truly appreciate it if you give me a book as a present :D I'm so into literacy. You know... reading, writing, (typing,) anything involving words and alphabets... And yeah, words, alphabets, that includes coding too^^

Well, it's not that I only spend all my time on literacy. I sing and dance too. I also like watching movies, especially Nolan's, MCU, and DC. Okay, don't be confused... I am a Marvel fangirl.

My favorite genres are whodunit, black-comedy or dark-humor, fantasy, sci-fi, and sometimes drama, if I'm in the mood. I don't really like romance. No offense, but in my opinion, love stories are always cliche. But... I do read, love, and even write love poems.


I can't really think of a word that fits me well, but I'd introduce myself as an introvert. Yes, hackneyed introduction...

I think I'm mysterious (Well, my friends say so...), but not a mystique. I'm socially awkward and retiring. I feel like I'm a quite good speaker ...but in my own-made scenarios in my head. In front of real people, my Broca's area stops doing its job.

If you're friend with me long enough, you probably will describe me as an annoying perfectionist who suffers a little OCD, and I won't say you're wrong, cause you're absolutely right. I use hand sanitizer in an unhealthy amount 'til my hands become as dry as a bone.

About Blogging

I started blogging in April 2014. My first blog was and my very first post was published on 11th of April. This blog itself was born on May 2nd.

Honestly... I wasn't so interested in making a blog. It all started when I "met" a friend through Facebook. 

She gave me her blog's link. When I opened it, I was ecstatic! I felt like I finally found the answer to my writing hobby. Okay, this is kind of hyperbolic, but I'm not lying.

That was the first time I knew what a blog is. That internet pal then showed me and taught me how to make a blog, give me some tutorials, and told me everything I needed to know.

And since that, I vowed to myself, I would never ever leave blogging.
Whenever I have the urge to share what's in my mind, I quickly sit in front of my computer and type my heart out.

If you'd like to know me more (which I'd like too), you can follow me on Instagram: @stefanigifta

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  1. cantik blog dia
    semoga menjadi blogger hebat
    saya sudah lama follow blog awak hi3
    awak boleh tgk kat follower awak..

  2. Aku baru sadar kamu masih SD ^o^
    sama kita, aku sih kelas 6 ^^
    Umurku 13, aku juga taunya "blog" dari temen

    1. umur kamu lebih tua 2 tahun dari aku :)

  3. Replies
    1. Sama, dong. Aku juga dari temen dumay. Habisnya temen-temenku semua enggak tahu apa blogging itu, lho. Aku kasih url blog-ku tapi mereka enggak tahu cara bukanya. Haha... Eh, kamu komentar waktu aku ultah. 16 Oktober. Hehe *lebay. Aku do'ain kamu jadi blogger hebat dan terkenal sama penulis!^^

    2. Oh.. Hahahaha... Dulu temanku juga gak tau, tapi setelah aku beri URL blogku, langsung mereka buka. Mereka tau cara bukanya kok.. Makasih, kakak juga kudoain..

    3. aku juga tau blog dari temen dumayku ceritaqu^^

  4. Tampilan blog beserta isinya bagus & menarik ^_^

  5. Keren Bingitz blog kak Gifta!!! I like It

  6. hai, salam kenal. blogmu asyik, lho! ohya, mau nanya, ultahmu kapan, sih?

  7. hai, salam kenal. blogmu bagus banget. ultahmu kapan, sih? visit blog-ku, ya, tolong dibalas ^.^

  8. kamu kelas berapa sekarang?

  9. Follow twitter aku dong @angelicaaester. Nanti aku follback